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Q: Where is Steven Gerrard ranked in the fifa player rankings?
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Who is currently ranked the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings?

Novak Djokovic is the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings.

Who was the oldest player WHEN he was ranked number 1 in the history of ATP rankings?

Andre agassi

How do you organize a ladder tournament?

Ideally you place the strongest players at the bottom of the ladder, and the weakest at the top. A player may only challenge a few "rungs" above their position ie. the 5th ranked player can only challenge players 4,3,2. Additionally a player can be challenged by anyone within 3 rungs bellow them. If a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player they switch rankings. If the upper ranked player wins they maintain their position.

What are the Saints in rankings?

after week 12 they are ranked 8th

What's the difference between a ranked match and a player match in Rainbow Six Vegas?

Ranked matches are official. They count towards your leaderboard rankings and your stats in general. Everyone can see these, so if you're seriously about gaming, ranked matches are where it's at.

Who is belgiums best women tennis player?

As far as WTA rankings go, as of June 23, 2008 the highest ranked Belgian woman is Yanina Wickmeyer at #69. She is the only Belgian woman ranked in the top 100.

What rank is Anthony Kim in the golf world rankings?

He is ranked 11.

Who is ranked number 2 in PGA rankings?

akrum el menshawy

What is Panathinkaikos ranked in European soccer rankings?

32nd. Olympiacos is 40th.

Who is ranked at number 2 in the ATP world tennis rankings?

Roger Federer is currently ranked the No. 2 in the world. (ATP Singles)

Which SA golfer is the highest ranked in the world golf rankings?

louis oostehuizen

Who are the male Spanish lawn tennis players ranked in the top the ATP rankings and what are their rankings?

Male Spanish lawn tennis players of the atp ranking

What team is ranked number one NCAA men's basketball?

In the NCAA men's college basketball rankings, Duke University is ranked first.

Who is the top ranked U.S. table tennis player?

In World Rankings for December 2010... Woman - GAO Jun Man - XIAO Han

What do social rankings form?

Social rankings form lists of social things ranked. They give people an idea of the type of social things that are popular along with what is not.

What is the ranking of central western university?

It is not featured on National or International rankings . But it is ranked number 7 in the Texas education rankings in the "Private Colleges/Universities" category.

How is Western Michigan University ranked in the world university rankings?

According to the Related Link below, WMU is ranked 271st in the world. also it is ranked 2nd in Michigan state. and 55th in USA.

What is Slovenia soccer ranked in the world?

As of 28th April 2010, Slovenia are 23rd in the FIFA Rankings

How is Trinity College Dublin ranked in the world university ranking?

According to the Times Higher Education rankings for 2008, Trinity College, Dublin is ranked 49th in the world.

How are tennis players ranked?

Amateur, college, and professional tennis players are ranked according to a point system which is based on the number of tournaments they play, which tournaments they play (i.e., different venues have different points associated with them), and how well they play in a given match. For professional tennis players, the ATP (men's tour) and WTA (women's tour) are the governing bodies for player rankings; refer to the links, below, for up-to-date professional player rankings (n.b., the websites may change if/when the sponsorships change).

What Ireland's ranking in international rugby?

As of January 2012, Ireland are ranked 6th in the official IRB rankings.

What is the rank of university of south Alabama?

Its ranked 51st among the U.S. universities by the U.S. News and World Report magazine and ranked 3065 by the web popularity rankings(worldwide).

What are rankings of business grad schools in the Vermont area?

There are most likely many rankings of schools in Vermont and you could simply read about them in "Best Collages, US News and World Report" which gives you a huge list of the best ranked schools world wide. The University Of Vermont ranked 41st this year.

What is the rank of anglia ruskin university in the world?

According to the recent rankings of university across the world, the Anglia Ruskin University is ranked 61st. It is one of the top ranked universities in the world.

Do you get prizes for being top-ranked in contributions at WikiAnswers?

There are periodically competitions in which prizes are given out for top rankings, but in general no.