Where is Shane Watson?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Shane Watson

"A Lifetime of Experience on Lake Lanier"

Shane Watson was born and raised just minutes from Lake Lanier. He has fished Lake Lanier for 35 years and is a 3rd generation Lake Lanier fisherman. Shane's Grandpa Samples, his dad, and his uncles all fished Lake Lanier through the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Lake Lanier fishing is in Shane's blood, it's his heritage. Shane's family has lived in Forsyth County for over 100 years. They were there for the Buford Dam ground breaking ceremony in 1950, they watched the flood gates close in 1956, and saw the lake full for the first time in 1959. Shane's grandparents said this was such an exciting time for the residents of North Georgia as it brought prosperity and electricity to many people.

Since 1979, Shane Watson has devoted his life to perfecting the skills and techniques needed to consistently catch Lake Lanier stripers. Many of Shane's live bait and trolling methods are used by professional fisherman and weekend anglers across the country. Shane Watson is the founder of the Lake Lanier Light Tackle Guide Association. He has been featured on ESPN, TNN, The Outdoor Channel, Sports South, and on Fox 5. Shane provides the fishing reports for Hammond's Fishing Center, Lake, Georgia Outdoor News, and the Lake Lanier Association. In January 2010, Shane Watson was inducted into "The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame" as a Legendary GuIde.

Shane Watson Guide Service is Lake Lanier's "Only" Full-Time Fishing Fleet, with 7 guide boats running year round. Shane and his guides have over 150 years combined Lake Lanier Experience. They guide only on Lake Lanier, over 300 days a year. Shane Watson Guide Service is family owned and operated. Shane's wife Pam handles the scheduling and the books for all the boats. Pam is a pleasure to do business with.

Each of Shane's guides are experienced Lake Lanier professionals, endorsed by Shane Watson and held to the highest standards. They are all very knowledgeable and will be glad to share information and answer any fishing questions you may have. Shane and his guides are committed to providing each customer with a quality fishing experience. All 7 of Shane's guide boats remain in constant radio contact, which gives them up to the minute information and increased coverage of the lake. When you fish with Shane Watson Guide Service, you get the strength, coverage, and experience of the entire Fleet.

The guides and the entire Watson Family would like to say "Thanks" to all their customers. They appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you again soon. Shane Watson Guide Service is open year round, 7 days a week.

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Q: Where is Shane Watson?
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