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Q: Where is Rafael Nadal's apartment?
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What is Rafael Nadal's favorite color?


What is Rafael Nadals age?

he is 25

What is Rafael Nadals nationality?


What is Rafael Nadals birthday?

June 3, 1986.

What is Rafael Nadals dads name?

Sebastián Nadal

What is Rafael Nadals racket brand?

A Babolat Woofer Drive

What is Rafael Nadals diet?


What is Rafael Nadals percentage of a 5 set match?


Is Carlos Bes one of Rafael Nadals practice partners?


What is Rafael's Nadals favorite food?

Pasta y gambas! (Shrimp and pasta)

Who is Rafael Nadals girlfriend?

Maria Francesca Perello Rafa calls her ''Mary''

What are Rafael Nadals hobbies?

Rafa loves to fish. He also likes to play video games outside of tennis.

Are Rafael Nadals parents alive?

Yes, very much. Unless they're really busy (which I assume they're not, at the moment), it's likely that they'll be in Paris with him for the French Open.

What is Rafael Nadals favourite food?

He is sososososos hot i love you         from shary

What is nadals fastest serve?


What is nadals date of birth?

June 4th 1986.

Who was nadals opponent Wimbledon 2010?

Thomas Berdych

Who is nadals mentor?

Professional tennis player Rafael Nadal is mentored by the one and only, Toni Nadal, his uncle. Fun Fact: When Rafa was younger, Toni Nadal (who coached him back then as well) switched Rafa from being right-handed to left-handed, as he thought lefty's had an advantage in tennis.

What restaurant does Raphael Nadals father own?

Sa Punta

Does tennis player Rafael Nadal live with his girlfriend?

Most articles state that Rafa lives in an apartment in the same building as his family and that the family owns the building. His girlfriend is also from Mallorca, but has not been described as living with him.

Who started Rafael jeans?

Rafael Jeans was founded by Rafael Eskes, originated from Amsterdam.

What is the birth name of Rafael Corkidi?

Rafael Corkidi's birth name is Rafael Corkidi Acriche.

What is the birth name of Rafael Losso?

Rafael Losso's birth name is Rafael Vincius Losso.

What is the birth name of Rafael Lanuza?

Rafael Lanuza's birth name is Rafael Lanuza Martnez.

What is the birth name of Rafael Septien?

Rafael Septien's birth name is Jose Rafael Septien.