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Peking is the old western name for Beijing, China.

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Q: Where is Peking?
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What was Beijing called before 1949?

Peking Peking

What are Peking people?

The Peking people are the people of Beijing. Peking is simply the Romanized version of the Chinese city of Beijing.

When was Peking University created?

Peking University was created in 1898.

When was Letter from Peking created?

Letter from Peking was created in 1957.

How did Peking Duck gets the name?

Because it's a speciality in Beijing (which was formerly called peking) and hence the name peking duck.

What actors and actresses appeared in Peking Acrobats - 2005?

The cast of Peking Acrobats - 2005 includes: The Peking Acrobats as Cast

What was the former name of Beijing?

Peking Peking, Beiping/Peiping, Yenching

What is the duration of The Peking Medallion?

The duration of The Peking Medallion is 1.55 hours.

How many pages does Letter from Peking have?

Letter from Peking has 252 pages.

Was Peking the capital of China?

No. Peking was the old name of Beijing. That's why on very old maps and globes it says Peking instead of Beijing.

What country is Peking located in?

Peking (known as Beijing) is located in northern China.

When was Peking Opera Blues created?

Peking Opera Blues was created in 1986.

What is the latitude reading at peking?

The latitude of Peking, more commonly known as Beijing, is 39.9139 degrees N. The longitude of Peking is 116.3917 degrees E.

What is Peking's name origin?

The name Peking originates from the Chinese characters which are the name for Peking in Chinese. Peking is the atonal pinyin for the pronunciation of the word in Mandarin.

What do Peking ducks look like?

"Peking Duck" is a certain way of cooking a duck, used in Chinese culinary terms. There is no animal called a Peking duck . . .

What say you haven't beento Beijing f you haven't watched a peking?

Peking Opera

What is the duration of Peking Opera Blues?

The duration of Peking Opera Blues is 1.73 hours.

How many pages does Autumn in Peking have?

Autumn in Peking is by Boris Vian. The TamTam Book version 284 pages. It is a psychological thriller.

When was High School of Peking University created?

High School of Peking University was created in 1960.

When was Peking Union Medical College created?

Peking Union Medical College was created in 1906.

What was the Production Budget for 55 Days at Peking?

The Production Budget for 55 Days at Peking was $17,000,000.

What city in China is its capital also known as Peking?

Beijing, the capital of China, is also called Peking.

What does peking duck look like?

Peking duck looks like an entire chicken's body roasted.

What rhymes with Peking?

# Beijing,

What is Peking chicken?

I like it