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NC State

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Q: Where is Monte Towe working?
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When was Monte Towe born?

Monte Towe was born on 1953-09-27.

Who invented the alley oop?

Monte Towe and David Thompson NC State

Who coached David Thompson and Monte Towe in basketball at NC State?

Norm Sloan

When was Towe Jaarnek born?

Towe Jaarnek was born in 1965.

Starting five for NC State 1974 National Champion team?

Tommy Burleson, Monte Towe, David Thompson, Tim Stoddard, Moe Rivers

When was Peter Towe born?

Peter Towe was born on 1922-11-01.

When did Harry Lancaster Towe die?

Harry Lancaster Towe died in 1991.

When was Harry Lancaster Towe born?

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What was the starting lineup for the 1974 N.C. state basketball team?

David Thompson , Monte Towe, Moe Rivers, Tom Burleson and Tim Stoddard. Phil Spence was the 6th man.

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