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Matt is now a design engineer in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Q: Where is Matt Bahr of the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers placekicker in Super Bowl XIV?

Matt Bahr

Who were the past kickers for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jeff Reed Gary Anderson Roy Gerela Matt Bahr Shaun Suisham Norm Johnson

What is Matt Spaeth's number on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Matt Spaeth is number 87 on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who wore 9 for Pittsburgh Steelers?

Matt Barr

When was Matt Bahr born?

Matt Bahr was born on 1956-07-06.

Who did Matt Bahr play for when he got Super Bowl ring?

Bahr won rings with the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV and the Giants in Super Bowl XXV. The Steelers kicker for their other three Super Bowl victories in the 70s (IX, X, and XIII) was Roy Gerela.

Have two brothers ever won back to back Super Bowls?

Matt and Chris Bahr. Matt was the kicker for the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV and Chris was the kicker for the Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

Who was a better kicker Matt bahr or chris bahr?

Matt was, without question. Chris had a more storied college career, but Matt was the better pro by far and has the record and the rings to prove it.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from North Carolina?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Who is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Atlanta Falcons?

Steelers, great defense and strong offense. The Falcons struggle on D and Matt Ryan needs more help on offense.

Why is Matt Spaeth not playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Matt Spaeth became an unrestricted free agent following the 2010 season. He is currently playing for the Chicago Bears.

Where did the Pittsburgh Steelers originate from?

The Steelers originated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.