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Yes he was at the game tonight against the Dallas Mavericks

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Courtside right near the visitors bench.

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You can't handle the truth

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Q: Where is Jack Nicholson not at LA Lakers?
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What is the lakers unofficial mascot?

Jack Nicholson lol

Why wasn't Jack Nicholson at the Oscars?

In 2009, Jack Nicholson was not at the Oscars because he chose to attend a Lakers game instead. Nicholson almost always takes home an award due to his ability to make a character come to life.

Who sits next to Lou adler at lakers games?

Jack Nicholson.

How long has jack nicholson had front row seats at the lakers?

3 years

Is Donald sutherland jack nicholson's guest at lakers games?

donald sutherland

Where does Donald Sutherland sit at LA Lakers games?

next to jack

Who sits courtside at lakers game?

Someone who sits courtside at pretty much every laker home game is actor jack nicholson

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No, this is not true. June Nicholson was the mother of Jack Nicholson.

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No, Jack Nicholson is not single.

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Jack Nicholson is a/an Actor filmmaker

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June Nicholson

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