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where was the tennis in match the Eric ravilious painting

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Q: Where is Eric Ravilious tennis painting?
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Where is the painting T for Tennis by Eric Ravilious?

winbledon tennis museum

When did Eric Ravilious die?

Eric Ravilious died in 1942.

When was Eric Ravilious born?

Eric Ravilious was born in 1903.

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Eric Ravilious has written: 'Wood engraving [and] lithographs' 'Ravilious & Wedgwood' -- subject(s): Catalogs, Design, Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Limited, Wedgwood ware 'Garden memories' 'Child's handkerchief' 'Three vignettes from 'Thrice welcome'' 'Four wood engravings made by Eric Ravilious in 1933 for the Golden Hours Press' famous tragedy of the rich Jew of Malta'

What has the author Gaye Smith written?

Gaye Smith has written: 'Eric Ravilious in print' 'Sentimental souvenirs'

When was James Ravilious born?

James Ravilious was born in 1939.

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Eric Broman has written: 'Painting'

What are the names of the naval officers depicted in Eric Ravilious submarine lithographs?

The submarine interiors were sketched aboard L27 in the summer of 1940. The skipper, looking through the periscope, is Lieutenant RE Campbell.

What has the author Eric Hesketh Hubbard written?

Eric Hesketh Hubbard has written: 'A hundred years of British painting, 1851-1951' -- subject(s): Painting

What was Eric Fromm's best result in his tennis career?

Eric Fromm is a retired tennis player from the Unites States. Fromm's best result in his tennis career was reaching the fourth round in the French Open in 1993. He was beaten by Jimmy Connors.

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