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Georgia Tech

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Q: Where is Dallas Cowboys football player tashard choice from?
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What number does rookie Tashard Choice wear for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tashard Choice wears the number 23

What number does Dallas Cowboys rookie Tashard Choice wears?

The Georgia Tech product wears No. 23.

What runnining back did the cowboys draft in the 2008 draft?

Felix Jones & Tashard Choice

What is Tashard Choice's birthday?

Tashard Choice was born on November 20, 1984.

When was Tashard Choice born?

Tashard Choice was born on November 20, 1984.

How old is Tashard Choice?

Former NFL running back Tashard Choice is 33 years old (birthdate: November 20, 1984).

Where does Carpenter former OSU football player play pro football?

Former Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter was a first round draft choice of the Dallas Cowboys and has played his entire career (2006-2009) with the Cowboys.

What draft pick was emmitt smith?

Emmitt was the first round choice (17th overall choice) of the Cowboys in 1990.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys draft in 2008?

2008 Dallas Cowboys Draft1 (22, 22) - Felix Jones, Arkansas, RB1 (25, 25) - Mike Jenkins, South Florida, DB2 (30, 61) - Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M, TE4 (23, 122) - Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech, RB5 (8, 143) - Orlando Scandrick, Boise State, DB6 (1, 167) - Erik Walden, Middle Tenn. State, DE

Were the Pittsburgh Steelers the first choice to be called America's Team?

No, the Dallas Cowboys have that title.

Who is the best running back to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys?

The obvious choice is Emmitt Smith, who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1990 to 2002. He is the all-time rushing leader in the history of the National Football League with 18,355 yards, and the Cowboys' career record holder with 17,162. He also won four league rushing titles (in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995), and was both a league Most Valuable Player (in 1993) and a Super Bowl MVP (for Super Bowl XXVIII).

How many first round picks does Dallas have in the 2008 draft?

Currently, the Cowboys have two first round picks .... their own and Cleveland's. The Browns traded the Cowboys their first round choice in the 2008 for the Cowboys 22nd draft spot in the 2007 draft so they would be able to choose QB Brady Quinn.