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he is in Japan Wrestling and he is not a legend

Answerno he is a legend in both japn and wcw in wcw he was a 3 time champ and his maneger was harly race in japan he held the title 7 times

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Q: Where is Big Van Vader the Japan wrestling legend?
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Is big daddy v still wrestling?

No. He quit WWE and went to All Japan Pro Wrestling under the name Big Daddy Voodoo.

Why isn't big daddy v wrestling anymore?

He is still wrestling, just not for the WWE. He is with New Japan Pro Wrestling now.

What is Big Van Vader's birthday?

Big Van Vader was born on May 14, 1957.

When was Big Van Vader born?

Big Van Vader was born on May 14, 1957.

Has Abdullah The Butcher ever wrestled in WWE?

No. Only in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Central States Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Association, Lutte Internationale (Montreal), Midwest Wrestling Federation, NWA All-Star Wrestling, NWA Detroit, NWA New Zealand, NWA Southwest, National Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, Tokyo Pro Wrestling, World Class Wrestling Association, And World Wrestling Council.

What are the three traditionl sports played in Japan?

Baseball, Sumo Wrestling and Martial Arts are 3 big traditional sports in Japan

What are the release dates for The Big Pro Wrestling - 1983 VG?

The Big Pro Wrestling - 1983 VG was released on: Japan: December 1983 USA: January 1984

Who is more famous Big Bird or Darth Vader?

It's Darth Vader!

How old is Big Van Vader?

Big Van Vader is 54 years old (birthdate: May 14, 1957).

Is big daddy v still alive?

yup, he now wrestles for the new japan pro wrestling company

Both Baseball and Sumo wrestling are popular in this city?

TokyoJapan is big on both sumo and baseball.

Is big daddy v still living as you speak?

Yes, Big Daddy V is still alive, he is currently wrestling with All Japan Pro Wrestling as Big Daddy Voodoo.As of May 26th, 2011.

Who was the youngest heavyweight wrestling champion?

Eugene Spencer aka IRONLION at 18 years old from Pennsylvania in Big Japan Pro Wrestling Adam Page at 17 years old, heavyweight champion for pure pro wrestling in North Carolina

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Big Bird?

Definitely Big Bird, for sure.

Is big foot myth or legend?

its a legend.

When was Big Japan created?

Big Japan was created in 2005.

Where you apply for a wrestling job for the WWE?

try wrestling at big events can it be done online

Wwe is big daddy v dead?

No, Big Daddy V isn't dead, he currently wrestles in All Japan Pro Wrestling.*As of July 17th, 2012.

Is randy ortons bulge really that big or is it his wrestling attire?

I don't think its the wrestling attire

What is japan sumo wrestling?

Two big guys in a circle try to push one another out or make the other topple over using a variety of grappling and throwing techniques.

Is big daddy v still on wrestling?


Is big daddy v on wrestling?


When was Big Bird in Japan created?

Big Bird in Japan was created in 1989.

What is the duration of Big Man Japan?

The duration of Big Man Japan is 1.88 hours.

What is the duration of Big Bird in Japan?

The duration of Big Bird in Japan is 3600.0 seconds.