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Alfreton is a town in the county of Derbyshire.

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Q: Where is Alfreton Town in England?
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Where in England is Alfreton situated?

Alfreton is a small town and a civil parish, which is located Amber Valley, Derbyshire. Alfreton is adjoining Bolsover and North East Derbyshire districts.

When was Alfreton Town F.C. created?

Alfreton Town F.C. was created in 1959.

What is Alfreton's population?

Alfreton's population is 22,302.

When was Alfreton railway station created?

Alfreton railway station was created in 1973.

When did Alfreton railway station end?

Alfreton railway station ended in 1967.

What days is Alfreton market open?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I think...

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