Where in the world is Willie Mays now?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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He lives in Atherton CA from El Camino you turn on Middle Feild and take the first left his house is the one with the real long drive way. I know this because on Halloween he lets kids come visit and Trick-or-Treat at his house. Don't beg for an autograph cause it won't happen he only gives out balls with no Autographs but they are usually from the World Series. They aren't just World Series balls they range from 2000 World Series to 1995 World Series! He is so nice to the children they love him. Warning: No flash Photography!

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Q: Where in the world is Willie Mays now?
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Does willie mays live now?

In Atherton, California.

What is willie mays full name?

Willie Mays

Was willie mays a Christian?

Willie Mays is a Christian.

Willie Mays autograph?

can I get willie mays to sign his jersey

How old is willy mays?

Willie Mays is 86 years old (birthdate: May 6, 1931).

What is Willie Mays's birthday?

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.

Willie mays pitching?

There are no records of Willie Mays pitching at the Major League level.

Is willie mays dead as of 9-22-09?

Willie Mays is still alive.

Who are willie mays parents?

His parents were Willie Mays Sr. and Annie Elizabeth McMorris.

Who is better Roberto Clemente or Willie Mays?

Willie Mays -- more power and speed.

Where is Willie Mays buried?

Willie Mays is still alive if you were talking about the baseball player.

How many times has Willie Mays won the World Series?

Willie Mays' only World Series win was with the 1954 New York Giants.