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Q: Where in the world does the magnetic declination equal zero?
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What is an agonic line?

An agonic line is a line on a chart or map showing points of zero magnetic declination.

What is the magnetic declination of Birmingham Al?

Most of Alabama lies along the declination zero line. So, there is no declination adjustment needed in Alabama.

What is the magnetic declination for Missouri?

Zero. That's not precisely true, but if you really need a precise value you'd already know better than to ask what the declination was for an area as large as the state of Missouri. The agonic line (where the declination is precisely zero) does currently run through Missouri, so the value is less than a degree or two for essentially the whole state.

What is the declination of the sun on the other side of the earth when there is a 0 declination here?

zero. The plane is contigous through the planet.

What if a magnetic needle is kept in a non uniform magnetic field?

A magnetic needle kept in uniform magnetic field will experience zero net force but non-zero net torque........Since the magnetic lines are uniform,the force acting on each end of the needlewill be equal and opposite.So it will cancel each other resulting zero net force.

What is the optimun angle of declination?

Zero degrees! If the angle of declination is 0°, then magnetic north is exactly the same as true north, making it much easier to navigate. But really, there isn't any "optimum" angle. One angle is just as good as another as long as you know how to correct for it in the right way.

How do you use a map to correct magnetic declination?

Adjust the declination on your compass so the orienting arrow points to 10 degrees east. Dial zero degrees on your compass. With the direction-of-travel arrow pointed directly away from you, turn your body & compass in one motion until the redmagneticneedle overlays the orienting arrow.

When does the sun have adeclination of zero degrees today but will have a negative declination tomorrow?

The Sun has zero declination at the two equinoxes on March 21 and September 21 (approximately). At the autumn equinox in September it crosses the plane of the Earth's orbit from north to south, so its declination goes from positive to negative.

Is magnetic north equal to true north at any time during the year?

No. However, "magnetic north" is equal to true north for certain PLACES. The magnetic north pole is a slowly-wandering point which is currently in northern Canada. A line drawn from the north pole to the magnetic north pole, when extended through the rest of the world, defines a line of zero "magnetic variation", the amount by which magnetic north differs from true north. Most navigational maps are overprinted with lines of equal magnetic variation, and a navigator who neglects to properly apply the magnetic variation will become quickly lost.

The celestial coordinates of the autumnal equinox are?

RA = 12 hours Declination = zero

How do you calculate magnetic declination?

The difference between True North and the direction that a magnetic compass points for a given location. Example: the magnetic declination for Seattle, Washington per the NOAA is 16° 55' east (as of 04/2010). This means that magnetic north is predicted at 16° 55'east of True North at that time.

What happened during the equinoxes?

Night and day are the same length of time. The sun is at declination zero.