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Q: Where in the bible does Jesus mention the church?
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Where does the Bible mention Christmas?

It doesn't. Christmas was created by church leaders to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Bible does not record his birth date. this person is right but it does mention that he was born in a stable, with his mother Mary, when she was about 13 (possibly wrong).

What were Jesus' childhood experiences?

The bible does not mention it.

Does the Bible mention Jesus sisters by name?


Jobs of Jesus?

The only job mention in the Bible that Jesus had is a carpenter.

Was Jesus Christ educated?

The bible does not mention it anywhere .

How many times does Jesus mention the Church in the Bible?

I was told that Jesus mentioned the Church only once when He made the statement "on this rock I will build my Church". I am currently checking the words of Jesus in "red". Does anyone know where I can get the answer without doing word for word.

When was Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ created?

Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ was created in 1957.

Does the bible mention the type of work christs perternal grandfather did?

The Bible does not mention what type of work Joseph's father did. Joseph was not actually the father of Jesus, God was Jesus' Father.

What is a mantle covering mention in Christian church?

Is there any area in the bible where they mention the covering or protection of church people with a mantle

Is the more than one Jesus mention in the bible?

Yes. Jesus is mentioned multiple times in the Bible, for example in the Gospels.

What two books of the bible discuss Christmas?

The Bible does not mention Jesus' date of birth or the celebration of it, therefore it does not mention "Christmas", anywhere.

What books of the bible mention Jesus choosing the apostles?