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He is born in Liverpool,Merseyside

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Q: Where in Liverpool does Wayne Rooney come from?
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Where was Wayne Rooney born?

Wayne Rooney was born in Croxteth, Liverpool, England.Wayne Rooney was born in Liverpool, England.

Where did Wayne Rooney grow up?

Wayne Rooney grew up in Croxteth, Liverpool.

What are names of celebrities from Liverpool?

Coleen rooney, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard

Where was wanye Rooney born?

WAYNE ROONEY WAS BORN AT Croxteth, Liverpool, England.

In what city in England was Wayne Rooney born?


What does Wayne Rooney not like?

Liverpool football club

Who is from Liverpool and they are from Liverpool and they are a celebrity?

Steven gerrard.... The Beatles, Wayne Rooney, Coleen Rooney, Cilla Black and lots more!

Which city was Wayne Rooney born in?

Croxteth, Liverpool, England.

Wayne Rooney where was he born?

Birthplace: Croxteth,Liverpool, England.

Where is Wayne Rooney's place of birth?

Croxteth, Liverpool, England.

What year was Rooney born and where which month?

Wayne Rooney was born on 24 October 1985 in Liverpool.

What is Wayne Rooneys birthday?

Wayne Mark Rooney was born on the 24th of October 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool. His parents are Thomas Wayne & Jeanette Marie Rooney.