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It is illegal to sell a switchblade in Delaware, even if you are licensed to sell deadly weapons. Furthermore it is illegal to own or carry a switchblade in Delaware. the closest thing would be a spring assisted open knife. check out Kershaw Knives.

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Q: Where in Delaware can you buy a switchblade?
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Where can you buy a switchblade?

type "switchblade knife" in search engine and you will see plenty of places to buy.

Can you buy switchblade legally in Florida?

Yes it is Legal to own and carry a Switchblade in the state of florida.

Where can you buy a switchblade in England?

They are illegal

Where can you buy a switchblade knife?

Switchblade knives can be bought in hunting stores. They can also be bought online, and at general stores, as long as a person has a proper ID.

Were a kid can buy a switchblade in El Paso?

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Can a military contractor carry a switchblade?

It is not legal. However if you are deployed to a FOB, nobody will care. Some PX's will not sell you a switchblade if you aren't active duty. Others do not care, especially ones staffed by foreign nationals. If you are turned away at the PX, you can get someone from your unit to buy it for you. When you ship stuff home, they search your package for contraband. Best not to have a switchblade inside. covers the legality issues

Can I buy a butterfly knife online if I live in Texas?

Butterfly knives are considered a switchblade under Texas law. A switchblade is a prohibited weapon, meaning that they are illegal to possess. Even if a company will mail you the knife, you can be prosecuted if you are caught with it.

Are switchblade kits legal in Canada?

switchblade kits are legal because they are not fully assembled and therefore not a weapon if you do assemble it il is still legal to have because you didnt buy it assembled. im not sure if its legal to carry around asembled or not.

Can you buy a switchblade online?

yes you can. there are numerous sites that will sell one but the knife goes through your sheriffs office and you have to get it from him/her.

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Yes... I may be wrong about this, but I believe Delaware is one of the states where you must be a resident of that state to buy a firearm from there, although I could be wrong about that.

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Where can you buy a switchblade in Canada?

You can't. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Canada. There are also certain knife laws as well, such as that it CANNOT be automatic (You can't push a button to have the blade pop up, it must be done manually). If you really wanted to have a switchblade, you could buy it online. I use mine around the house and on camping trips, etc. just be sure not to let the RCMP see you! ;)