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At "The Pavilion" on their campus.

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Q: Where does villanova play basketball?
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Is duke or villanova better in basketball?

Villanova is better, because of Scottie Reynolds

What are some colleges that play basketball well?

Ky, Duke, NC, Villanova, Syracuse...the list goes on

What is the university of villanova basketball mascot?

Wildcats !

What is the name of the villanova basketball mascot?


What state is the villanova basketball team from?


What are Villanova basketball colors?

Blue and white

What team did Villanova play most in NCAA tournament?

The team that Villanova played the most in the NCAA tournament in 2014 was Cincinnati.

Where does villanova play?

The football team plays in the Villanova Stadium on campus. The basketball team plays smaller games in the Pavilion on campus and bigger games at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Who won the Big 5 Championship in Basketball?

VILLANOVA !!!!!!!!!

Where can one find the cheapest Villanova basketball tickets?

There are many places where one can find the cheapest Villanova basketball tickets. One can find the cheapest Villanova basketball tickets at popular on the web sources such as Stub Hub, Ticket City, and Ticket Liquidator.

Why does villanova play basketball in division one and football in division two?

they do play football in division one, but they play for the fcs and not the fbs, which is still d-1

How many NCAA basketball championships has Villanova won?

1 in the year 1975. Villanova stunned Georgetown in an upset

Who played in 1985 NCAA basketball championship?

villanova georgetown

How many NCAA men's basketball championships have the villanova won?

Villanova has won 1 College Basketball Championship and it took place back in 1985 defeating the Georgetown Hoyas.

Who beat Georgetown in 1985 to win the NCAA basketball championship?


Where is the arena named The Pavilion located?

The Pavilion is located on the Villanova University campus in Villanova, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside Philadelphia. It's home to the Villanova University basketball team.

What was the regular season record of the villanova 1985 basketball team?


In 1985 did Villanova win the college basketball tournament as an eight seed?


What is the lowest seed to play for the NCAA mens basketball championship game?

There has been two number eight seeds (the lowest seeds) to make it to the title game: * UCLA in 1980 and *Villanova in 1985 Villanova won the national championship that year

Villanova basketball players that joined the professional basketball league?

Randy Foye-drafted by the timberwolves,now plays for the wizards.

What player has the longest free throw streak in NCAA basketball?

gary bucannon from villanova

Who won the basketball championship in 1971?

UCLA beat Villanova 68-62 in 1971.

What is lowest seeded team to win NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Villanova (#8) in 1985

Who is villanova university basketball all time leading scorer?

The one and only Kerry Kittles

Who scored the most points in a Big East basketball game?

Villanova 82, Georgetown 77