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where does the word cricket come from

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Q: Where does the word cricket come from?
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Is cricket an Italian or French word?

The word 'cricket' is originally derived from the Dutch word 'creckett'.

What is the Hindi word for 'Cricket'?

The word Cricket is a noun and name of a sporting game. So, in Hindi too, it is called and pronounced as cricket as in English.

Do protein from crickets come from what source?

from what source of the cricket does their protein come from. We are in disagreement of the cricket containing meat.

Why won't cricket 2008 come out because I'm bored of cricket 2007?

Cricket 2008

Is there a cricket species that freezes and then come back to life after winter?

No, a dead cricket is a dead cricket.

Can you give an sentence for the word cricket?

the cricket phone is lame

What does it mean when you find a cricket in your home?

If a cricket is in your house and is chirping constantly without pause, it is said that a pregnancy is soon to come. If a cricket is in the house and pauses in the chirping it is said that you will come into some money. If a cricket is in your home, it is bad luck to kill it. If a cricket comes into your home and it is silent, it means death is impending.

What is the French word for cricket bat in French?

batte de cricket

Is cricket ground is a compound word?

No, "cricket ground" is two words.

What is the french word for cricket field?

un terrain de cricket

Were did cricket come from?


Where did the name of cricket come from?

cricket orignated in England so if I'm not mistaken it orignated there.

When will ea cricket 09 come for ps2?

it wont come!

What is the compound word for cricket?

Like omg duh it’s grasshopper

Will cricket 2009 come on ps2?


What country did cricket come from?


When t20 cricket come?

In 2003

What is the spanish word for the game cricket?

cricket (sport) = el críquetcricket (insect) = el grillo

Is the word cricket a proper noun or common noun?

The word cricket is a common noun; a word for any insect cricket or any game of cricket.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio)Cricket Knoll, Wethersfield, CT or Cricket Street, Brisbane QLD, AustraliaJSCA International Cricket Stadium, Ranchi, Jharkhand, IndiaInternational Cricket Council (ICC), Dubai, UAE"Cricket: Secret Child of a Sixties Supermodel" by Susan Fedorko

What do cricket has?

Cricket is very interesting game which is play around the word now a days.FOR further latest cricket update visit this site

Which one sports come from England?


Why did the Pakistan come to Australia?

to play cricket

What year did cricket come to Australia?


Where does cricket come from originally?

The sport of Cricket was invented in England. There is evidence it was played in England in the 12th-13th cent.

Where did cricket come from?

well not come from.... originate.... = ENGLAND