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Q: Where does the visiting teams stay when playing Baltimore orioles and ravens?
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When did the Baltimore Orioles become the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens are Baltimore's NFL team. The Baltimore Orioles are Baltimore's Major League Baseball team. They are both still there. Neither one became the other.

What is a name of a sports team from Maryland?

Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Ravens

What professional sports team playin Baltimore?

There's the Baltimore ravens and the Baltimore orioles

What city and state associatedwhit birds the orioles and the ravens?


What lives next to ravens?

The Ravens "live" at M&T Bank Stadium and has a baseball team called the Orioles just to the north at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Baltimore Orioles "live" next to the Ravens.

Which is correct Baltimore Ravens are or Baltimore Ravens is?

Baltimore Ravens are. Like in the sentence the Baltimore ravens are awesome!

What are the nicknames of Maryland Athletic teams?

Current major Maryland sports teams are: NFL - Baltimore Ravens MLB - Baltimore Orioles MISL - Baltimore Blast AIFA - Baltimore Mariners

What team's stadium is called Camden Yards?

The stadiums are used by the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League

What are Marylands home sports teams?

The Baltimore Orioles of MLB and the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. The Washington Redskins of the NFL play their games in Prince George's County.

Where are the Baltimore Ravens?


Proffessional sports in Maryland?

In the MLB, there are the Baltimore Orioles. NFL has the Baltimore Ravens There's also quite a few teams in Washington, D.C., but that isn't technically part of Maryland.

What is the season for the Baltimore Ravens?

The 2010 season will be the Ravens' 15th in Baltimore.