Where does the backup goalie sit?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: Where does the backup goalie sit?
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What is the name of the NJ Devils hockey goalie?

The #1 goalie on the team is Martin Brodeur. The backup goalie's name is Kevin Weekes.

How do you switch your goalie to backup goalie on NHL 2008 during a game?

you go to change line on the pause menu then put your goalie in

Who is the best backup goalie ever?

Jack Flannery

Who is the backup goalie of the Detroit red wings?

Ty Conklin

Has a backup goalie ever come in and win after the starter has been pulled?

Yes, I had a goalie play for my lacrosse team and he got moved up to varsity because their goaliei had been injured and so our backup goalie was in the cage and we won 3 straight games

How many players can be on a hockey team?

im pretty sure there should be 24. But only 19 players(Including the goalie) can play on the ice in one game. there can be a backup goalie who replaces the starting goalie

If a goalie in ice hockey is pulled can he play later in the game?

Yes. If the team pulls the starting goaltender and puts in their backup, they can later pull their backup and play their starter again. Same goes for if the team pulls the goalie for an empty net.

Who was the backup goalie for Martin Biron on February 2 2013?

On February 2, 2013, Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, was Martin Biron's backup.

Who is canucks backup goalie?

Last season, there were Jason LaBarbera, Curtis Sanford and Cory Schneider.

Who is the canucks backup goalie?

Last season, there were Jason LaBarbera, Curtis Sanford and Cory Schneider.

Who is the Philadelphia Flyers goalie for 2009?

The Flyers starting goalie is Martin Biron with Antero Nittymaki as the backup. When one of them is sick or injured, then they bring Scott Monroe up from the Phantoms, the Flyers affiliate team.

How many positons are in hockey?

There are four positions in hockey. Center, Winger, Defenseman, and Goaltender. There are six players on the ice per shift though. The goalie remains on the ice if pulled, injured or replaced by the backup goalie.