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um idk Sean john.... i don't see a john in that any where

Seán is the Irish form of John. Like Séamus is Irish for James, etc. Each country has their own way of saying the same names, Alexander is Greek, but it's Leka or Sasha in Russia, Aleksander and Aleksi in Poland and Albania and most of eastern Europe, Lex or Alexis in Greece (although this is now a girls name in the west) Aleks, Alex, Alix, Alastair, Xander, Alexzander, Sander. and then you get all the girls names from Alexander, Sandra (look at the sound at the end of AlekSANDRA) Lexi, Leksie, Aleksa, Ally. These lists are too long and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg with the name Alexander in Europe.. John is the same and has many versions too depending on which country you are in. Seán is John in Irish Gaelic.

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Q: Where does the John in Sean John come from?
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