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Australian Open
The Australian Open takes place in Melbourne Park, Melbourne at the Rod Laver arena. In 2009 it finishes on the 1st of February.
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Q: Where does the Australian Open take place?
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When did Australian Open take place in Melbourne?

The last Australian Open which took place in Melbourne happened in January 14 through the 27 in 2013. The Australian Open is an annual tennis game held in Melbourne. The 2013 open marked the 110th anniversary of the open.

What does the third place get for the Australian Open?


What place did Andy Murray get to at the Australian Open?


What are the five tennis gramd slams?

They are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. January, May, July, and August are when these tournaments take place. There are only four.

How much money does second place get at the Australian Open?

923 dollars

What month did the Australian tennis grand slam?

The Australian Open is the first slam of the year, taking place in January.

What month is the Australian open?

The Australian Open is held in January, during the middle of the Australian summer.

In what state did the Australian gold rush mainly take place?

Gold was found in all of the Australian states, but the richest Australian goldrushes were in Victoria.

Is the Australian open indoors or outdoors?

the Australian open is outdoors unless its not weather permitting and you know the Australian open is tennis right?

What does the second place winner of the Australian Open tennis match get paid?

1.15 million dollars

What turf is used in the Australian Open?

The courts in the Australian Open are made our of rubber.

When was Australian Open - golf - created?

Australian Open - golf - was created in 1904.

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