Where does david ginola live?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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In Paris

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Q: Where does david ginola live?
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Is David ginola French?

Yes, David Ginola is French.

What nicknames does David Ginola go by?

David Ginola goes by Davie G.

How old is David Ginola?

David Ginola is 50 years old (birthdate: January 25, 1967).

What position does David Ginola play in?


Which player has played for tottenham hotspur everton and Newcastle?

David Ginola !!!

Who was the French international on the BBC commentary team for the 1998 World Cup?

David Ginola

Great players who didn't play in world cup?

Some great players not to play a world cup are David Ginola, Eric Cantona, Giovanni Elber.

Who are the 5 greatest players in Newcastle United history?

well one of them is Alan shearer Jackie milburn, david ginola, peter beardsley, paul gascoigne and titus bramble

What actors and actresses appeared in No Pressure - 2010?

The cast of No Pressure - 2010 includes: Gillian Anderson Peter Crouch as himself David Ginola as himself Lyndsey Marshal as Schoolteacher

What 4 players have played in arsenal v spurs everton v Liverpool and Newcastle v middlesborough derbies?

Paul Gascoigne Nicky Barmby Cristian Ziege David Ginola

What is the first name of the French footballer Genola?

I believe you are referring to David Ginola, the former French international player. He is also known for playing in various English sides from 1995 to 2002 when he retired from professional football.

Where does david Jason live?

where does david Jason live