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The sport of Cricket was invented in England. There is evidence it was played in England in the 12th-13th cent.

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Q: Where does cricket come from originally?
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What color are cricket balls originally?

They were originally red.

Where does the word cricket come from?

where does the word cricket come from

Is cricket an Italian or French word?

The word 'cricket' is originally derived from the Dutch word 'creckett'.

WHERE DID cricket came from?

originally in England around 16th century

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Do protein from crickets come from what source?

from what source of the cricket does their protein come from. We are in disagreement of the cricket containing meat.

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Cricket 2008

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No, a dead cricket is a dead cricket.

What sport was the all England club at Wimbledon originally designed?


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When was the Twenty20 form of cricket first introduced?

Twenty20 form of cricket was originally introduced in the United Kingdom for professional inter-county competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003.

Were did cricket come from?


Why did sheffield Wednesday get its name?

They were originally a cricket club, and they were named after the day on which they played their matches.

Where did the name of cricket come from?

cricket orignated in England so if I'm not mistaken it orignated there.

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Where did origin of the word hat trick come from?

It was originally used in cricket. It's used now in many sports to describe 3 of something. My favorite being the Gordie Howe hat trick: a goal, an assist, and a fight.

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What country did cricket come from?


When t20 cricket come?

In 2003

How much did it cost to build the Melbourne cricket club originally?

The club itself, founded in 1838, was inexpensive to set up, just like many clubs, it just needed a commitee. The Melbourne Cricket Ground was originally purchased in 1853 for £3875. The "G" has undergone many improvements over the years since, & no doubt will have more to come. A recent notable addition is the four light towers.

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'T20' in terms of cricket?

Twenty20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in England for professional inter-country competition by the England Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. A Twenty20 game involves two teams, each has a single innings, batting for a maximum of 20 overs. Twenty20 cricket is also known as T20 cricket.