Where does a punch hurt the most?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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at the solar plexus for sure !

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Q: Where does a punch hurt the most?
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If you punch a wall will it hurt?

Well of course it will hurt! It will hurt depending on how much force you have put on to the punch.

How do you punch needle?

if you mean punch a sewing needle just look at it and punch it be careful not to get hurt

Should Stacey freeman punch walls?

no it might hurt her

Does it hurt to punch someone in the face?

Know one cares

Can you punch a dog in the face if it is biting you?

yes. cause it was trying to harm you Or you can run away from it not to get hurt.... But I if u have to punch away

Why do people punch hard?

because they want to hurt someone......stupid

What do you have to do to punch?

you can "punch" or you can throw a real punch i would most recommend to go to a boxing gym so you learn to punch the most athenticated way

How can a robot hurt you in life?

it can punch,kick,slap,and more!!!hahahaha,:P

What does phycosocial bully mean?

That simpley means that you punch or hurt some one

Can a donkey punch hurt a woman?

i dont know bro, ask your mom

What kind of physical feedback does a boxer get from a punch to know that he has hit with power?

ouch that hurt

Do the Israeli believe in a punch for a punch?

Na, they were always the coward ones since the time of Moses.. They are too scared of getting hurt up until now'