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The positions go from 1-6 in a counter clockwise position, starting 1 at serving position in right back. However, you rotate in a clockwise direction (confusing I know!). So from serving, you rotate to middle back, then to left back, then to left front, to middle front, to right front, and back to right back where you serve again. I hope this helps!

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in volleyball the back row rotates right to left, or clockwise, while the front row rotates right to left, or counterclockwise. if ur right front, u move to right back, and if ur left back, u move to left front.

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Middle back because that is your home/base. But in the next rotation you will be receiving in right back.

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Q: Where does a middle back volleyball player go after serving?
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What ard the positions for beach volleyball?

For two player beach volleyball there's one in the back and one in the back. For six person there's positions 1-6. 1 is the serving area. 2 is the the right side hitter. 3 is middle hitter and most commomly used as the setter position. 4 is the left side hitter. 5 is left back. 6 is middle back.

What are the names of each player at volleyball court?

P1 > Right BackP2 > Right FrontP3 > Middle FrontP4 > Left FrontP5 > Left BackP6 > Middle Back

What does a back player do in volleyball?


How far back is the serving line for middle school on an indoor volleyball court?

You use the same service line as any other age. It never changes officially.

What is side out in volleyball?

Side out means that the other team is serving and your team needs to get the ball back. For example if team A has been serving for 6 points team B might say that they need to get a side out so that they can serve the volleyball again and try to win the game.

What is the back court in volleyball?

The back court is the area of your team's court that is closest to the endline (serving line).

What is side out position in volleyball?

it means to get the ball back from the other team when theyre serving

What are the position names for volleyball?

The front right, front middle, front left, back left, back middle, back right

Who can middle back not cross on the volleyball court?

The power is able to middle back but isn't usually likely too you KnewBB

Can you serve in the middle in volleyball?

You can serve from anywhere on the back line of the court.

Where does a volleyball player surf from?

the back line C:

Who are the six volleyball players on the court during a game?

A setter, middle hitter, outside hitter, left back, right back, and middle back.