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As of September 2014, NASCAR was ranked as the fourth most popular sport in the United States. Professional football is the most popular sport.

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Q: Where does NASCAR rank in popularity?
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Where does NASCAR rank in popularity as a sport?

Nascar is number 1 in sports because of how many people attend the race, and how many people watch it at home. Nascar does rank high up there on the popularity list. It will always be hard to push the sport on the east coast. Even Nascar's annual awards dinner was moved from New York City to Las Vegas in 2009. The NFL will always be on top, especially for only a 16 game season. Every game is important. Baseball is spread out for 162 games, so you can miss a few. Nascar has a 36 race season, with the first 26 races used to set up the Chase for the Championship. So Nascar does keep its popularity throughout its 10 month season.

What are the very important sports in the US of America?

American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and NASCAR. The rank of popularity lower than football depends on the demographic, but american football is the most popular.

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About 100 - 500

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they don't

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What is the average popularity for NASCAR?

I will have to answer your question with another question How many rednecks are there in america?

Where does rugby rank in terms of popularity in Newzealand?

number 1

Where does NASCAR rank compared to American football in fans?

The two sports tie in this area.

Where does swimming rank in world popularity?

Swimming ranks very highly in world popularity. This is because it is an accessible sport that is easy to understand.

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Rank popularity of the sports in the U.S. would 5/ 4/ 3/ 2/55. tennis 1/5

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