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Q: Where does John Cooper ex osu football fb coach live?
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What street does John Cooper of Skillet live on?

WikiAnswer's is not allowed to provide that information.

Where does John Cooper live?

John Cooper lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife, Korey. He also has two kids that live with him too.

How is math used in coaching football?

Math is not very important in coaching football. You have to know how many yards are needed for a first down, but the score board usually tells you that, as well as the down, how much time is left and the score. However, this does not mean that math is not important to a football coach. A football coach is also a human being and has to live in the world when he not out on the football field. He has to make financial decisions for example.

What is John L Cooper's favorite haircut look for guys?

John Cooper has stated on his Live DVD that he likes mullets. He liked the 80's look, even though he was not permitted to get a mullet when he was growing up.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alice Cooper Theatre of Death Live - 2010?

The cast of Alice Cooper Theatre of Death Live - 2010 includes: Alice Cooper as himself

Where does the Denver Broncos coach currently live?

The head coach of the Denver Broncos is John Fox. He currently lives in Denver, North Carolina and is an active leader in the community. He lives with his wife and has three sons and a daughter.

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in Chicago

Where does Cooper live?

L.A. California

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