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Q: Where does Jackie Charlton live?
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How is bobby charlton related to jackie charlton?

Jack Charlton and Bobby Charlton are brothers, who played soccer for England.

Is Sir Bobby married to Jackie Charlton?

No. They are brothers.

Which world cup winners have managed a premier league team?

It is Jackie Charlton.

Name Six Manchester United players who have won the World Cup?

Lauren Blanc , Fabien Barthez, Bobby Charlton, Jackie Charlton. Terry Butcher.

Name 6 players who have won the world cup and played for man united?

They are Lauren Blanc, Fabian Barthez, Bobby Charlton, Jackie Charlton, Terry Butcher.

Does ciara have brother and sister?

no she doesnt have any brothers or sisters she was born to Jackie and charlton harris

What has the author David W Charlton written?

David W. Charlton has written: 'By these things men live' -- subject(s): Meditations

What is the name of the players on the team Manchester united that has won the world cup championship?

The following players for Manchester United won the world cup. Bobby Charlton, Jackie Charlton , Terry Butcher, Fabian barthez, Lauren Blanc.

Where does Jackie Chan live in Mexico?

Jackie Chan does not live in Mexico. He lives in Hong Kong.

Where in the U.S. does Jackie Chan live?

Jackie Chan does not live in the USA. He is resident in Hong Kong.

Does Jackie Chan live in the US?

No he does not.

Does Jackie Chan live in a flat?