Where does Hershel Walker live now?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: Where does Hershel Walker live now?
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Are rumors true that herschel walker is gay?

is hershel walker gay? is hershel walker gay?

When is Hershel Walker's birthday?

Hershel Walker was born on March 3, 1962

When was Hershel Walker born?

Hershel Walker was born on March 3, 1962

How many children does Hershel walker have?

3, 2 still alive rip Hershel

Who were Hershel Walker's fullbacks in college?

Jimmy Womack.

Did Hershel Walker release workout DVD's?

Yes, apparently Hershel Walker did release a workout video. You can actually get hold of his workout videos from websites such as either EBay or Amazon.

Who has a Super Bowl appearance with the Eagles and the Cowboys?

Hershel walker

What college did hershel walker go to?

she where to hangover's a academy in 1755

How many Hershel walker Super Bowl wins?

Herschel Walker never played in a Super Bowl.

How big were Hershel Walker's thighs when he played in the NFL?


What NFL team did hershel walker play for?

Herschel Walker's first season in the NFL was 1986 with the Dallas Cowboys.

How much is hershel walker worth?

About 2 bucks. Unless it is on something he wore.