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In the Georgia Dome, the same place the Atlanta Falcons play. They usually play their home games on Friday night.

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Q: Where does Georgia state play football?
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Does Georgia state have a football team?

Yes, the Georgia State Panthers play in the Colonial Athletic Association

When was Georgia State Panthers football created?

Georgia State Panthers football was created in 2010.

What team did Penn state play in the 1982 National football game?

University of Georgia

What state does not have a football team?


What state was football made in?


What sports does Georgia play?

galeic football

Where does the Atlanta Georgia football team play at?

The Atlanta Falcons play at the Georgia Dome, located in downtown Atlanta.

What is the state for the falcons football team?


Did Boise State play Georgia Southern College in a football playoff game in the 1980's?

No, Boise State and Georgia Southern have never met in football. Boise State was in the 1-AA playoffs in 1980, 1981, and 1988. They played Grambling and Eastern Kentucky in 1980, Jackson State and Eastern Kentucky in 1981, and Northwestern Louisiana in 1988.

Where are Georgia 1AA colleges football?

Savannah State in Savannah and Georgia Southern in Statesboro.

What kind of sport do people play in Georgia?

The sports people play in Georgia are Football, Basketball, Rugby Union, Wrestling, and Weightlifting

How many division one college football teams are in Georgia?

1-A (FBS): Georgia, Georgia Tech 1-AA (FCS): Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Savannah State

Can 11th graders play jv football in georgia?


Where did Matthew Stafford Play College Football?

Georgia University

What is the record between Oklahoma state university and uga in football?

Through the 2008 season, Oklahoma State and Georgia have met three times in football with Georgia winning all three games. 1) 1946 - Georgia 33, Oklahoma State 13 2) 1947 - Georgia 20, Oklahoma State 7 3) 2007 - Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14

How long have Georgia state university had a football program?

Georgia State began their football program in 2010, playing Division 1-AA ball as an independent. In 2012, they will join the Colonial Athletic Association.

What is the Atlanta Falcons?

they are a football team in the state of Georgia in the U.S

When was the first Georgia bulldogs versus Florida state seminoles football game first played in jacksonville Florida?

The first and only Florida State-Georgia football game played in Jacksonville was October 11, 1958. Georgia won 28-13.

Who did Matt storm play football for?

Georgia Bulldogs and Orlando Predators

What college football teams play in a dome?

Syracuse Orange, Idaho University, Tulane Green Wave, Northern Iowa, North Dakota, and North Dakota State have domes. As of the 2010 season the Georgia State University Panthers kicked off their first season of football and currently play home games in the Georgia Dome. *Before 2009 the University of Minnesota played home games in the Metrodome.

Why do the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators play football in Jacksonville Florida?

Because it is halfway between Georgia and Florida.

Which state is the best state for football?

Its between Florida,Texas,Pennsylvania,California,Ohio,Georgia

Where can one get information about the Clemson Georgia Tech?

You could find information about the Clemson Georgia Tech through WikipediA. They state that it is an American college football rivalry between the Clemson Tiger football team of Clemson University and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team of Georgia Tech.

Are there any juco football teams in Georgia?

There are two two-year schools in the state of Georgia that compete in the NJCAA.

Where did Antonio gates Play college football?

Antonio Gates didn't play football in college. He went to Kent State, but didn't play football. Gates did play high school football though.