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In the briefs Cups are made to be worn in the jock they come with, put the cup in the jock pouch then that should be the first thing you wear, so against the skin...A few cups now have brief type supporters, I like these best. The Orignal Banana Cup comes in one and its very comfortable, I think i got it at My hockey jock says to make sure you wear a jock under your cup, so I end up wearing 2 jocks, one for the cup, and one to hold my stuff inside the cup which is sort of uncomfortable, but at least everything stays in one place and nothing hangs out to get racked I like to wear my jock on my skin i think it does a better job on protecting my balls

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Q: Where do you wear a cup jock over briefs or against the bare skin?
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How do you pick out the right size of jock cup?

There are only two sizes of jock cups. Youth and Adult. If you need a larger size cup you can buy a nutty buddy cup, the nutty buddy cup is worn differently than a regular cup. first you would put on a pair of briefs or underwear and then a jockstrap over top of that. The nutty buddy cup is put inside the jock pouch but over the briefs.

Do you wear underwear over jockstrap?

Not usually. Usually when you have a jock on, you don't wear anything else with it, just your athletic gear on top of it. However, if you are wearing compression shorts, sliding shorts, hockey shorts, etc., you should wear those over the jock. Some people (inexplicably) wear a jock under a swimsuit, too. If you're wearing the jock for running or track, you just wear your normal shorts over the jock, no underwear. You can wear a lot of modern underwear (briefs, gripper jams, etc.) INSTEAD of a jock, particularly if the underwear fits closely and is supportive.

Why should you wear briefs?

Briefs or boxers are a matter of personal preference. Some males prefer the extra support of briefs over boxers, while others prefer boxers as looser and less confining than briefs.

Why do men pefer boxers over brifes?

I prefer boxers over briefs because I am not athletic so I don't need nearly the support of briefs. They are a lot more comfortable, and come in more designs and option than briefs.

Should a 12 year old wear boxers or briefs?

Boxers. briefs are for people under 10 or over 50. Seriously, do your penis a favor.

Are superheroes bad role models?

Most of them wear their briefs over their pants.

Why are superheroes bad role models?

Most of them wear their briefs over their pants.

Do boxers provide any benefits over briefs?

Boxers have several benefits over briefs. One good one would be less restrictive. Boxers are more socially accepted if you are caught just wearing your underwear. It seems boxers come in more varities of colors and babric design than briefs.

Will a wedgie hurt?

It depends on the person! If someone grabs your briefs and yanks them up, it will probably hurt. There are other wedgies which are really painful such as a melvin(front wedgie), hanging(hanging some1 by their briefs of a hook or high place) and an atomic (briefs over head)

Do you wear clothes under wetsuits?

Generally speaking, no. Rash guards are available. On my lower body I wear a compression-like short, sometimes known as briefs. Nike and UnderArmour are good, but I prefer a brand called Helo. And then I wear my boardshorts over my wetsuit. I go bare all under, no shorts over my wetsuit.

What do more men wear briefs or boxers?

American men wear briefs - about 10 to 1 over boxers. Umm No that's not right.. Most boys wear boxers..briefs are called tighty whities in America. And tighty whities wearers get wedgied all the time.

When playing lacrosse should you wear your jock and cup over or under your compression shorts?

I wear my jock and cup over my compression shorts. My compression shorts have a contour pouch that keeps my junk contained, so it stays under the cup. The above answer is totally incorrect! You should wear your compression shorts over your cup-jockstrap so that the compression shorts hold your cup tight against your body! If you wear your cup over your compression shorts, your cup might not fit tight to your body and a blow there could just slam the cup against your testicles, causing pain and possible injury. Some cup-jockstraps do not hold the cup firmly in place against the body.

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