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inside would be in a rink however out side would be called street hocker. the answer is both

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people play Ice Hockey in an ice rink.

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ice rinx

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Q: Where do you play hockey inside or outside?
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Which sports are played outside volleyball soccer swimming football basketball tennis field hockey baseball and ice hockey?

All of those sports can be played inside or outside. Although, if they're played professionally, some sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL will play their games indoors. In 2008, the NHL began an annual hockey event called the Winter Classic. Two teams will play one game outside.

Do soccer players play inside or outside?

they play outside.

Hockey Net dimensions. Is the height of a hockey net measured from inside or outside the tube frame?

The correct dimensions are measured from inside post to post for width, and from the surface to the inside of the crossbar for height

Do you play ultimate Frisbee inside or outside?

Well it depends on the pool. It could be outside or inside.

What is the definition of indoor and outdoor games?

indoor means we will play inside the house eg.carom,chess,table tennis etc outdoor means we will play outside eg.batbiten,hockey,basket ball etc

Why do yellow hockey pucks work best in the cold?

No not at all. I play hockey and practice in the winter outside and regualr pucks work the best.

Does a preschool teacher work inside or outside?

Preschool teachers work inside except for when children are taken outside to play.

Do you onlY play basketball in the summer?

i play in every season inside and outside

What do kids like to play inside?

they like to play, bord games, play tag, and heres an inside and outside game, HIDE AND SEEK

Is a play gym meant to be used inside or outside?

Unless a very large room is dedicated specifically for the play gym, a play gym is meant to be used outside. However, there are some smaller play gyms which can be assembled and used inside.

How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

Is it safe to play a ouija board outside?

No, it is not safe to play a ouija board inside or outside, because it can get a person in contact with evil spirits.