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go down or call your local courts or Netball center and they will give you a list of clubs where you can go and join at the start of the netball season. hope that helps

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Q: Where do you goto too find netball teams that recruit netball players?
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What are the different types of netball?

indoor netball and outdoor netball. Indoor netball is played in a net and the court is smaller and there are no throw ins.You also usually have a lot of mixed gender teams play. Outdoor netball is played outdoor, the court is larger and there are throw ins. you dont find too many mixed gender teams

How do you find cool names for netball teams?

you take a trip to your local shop and have a look around

There are 21 players per team. Find the numbers of players on 6 teams?


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You can find a list of different players at for all your teams.

Where can you find a diagram of a netball court showing where the players positions are on the court?

What is good about netball?

I've played netball thousands of times and personally i find it fun and enjoyable and at the same time your exercising.Also it is quite easy to learn.Only down part is that you need 14 players for a proper game.

Is Netball A Unisex Sport?

At most netball clubs, netball is unisex for the younger kids, but once it gets to (usually) under 13s and higher, guys need to join either open teams, which are guys and girls, all ages playing together, or find an all male club or team.

Who can help you to find soccer tryouts?

One can look on local newspaper and find soccer teams asking for new players.

How are local football teams funded?

A lot of amateur teams fund themselves out of their own pockets with part-time players until they find a sponsor.

What are the teams of Gaelic football?

Gaelic football teams have 15 players. There are a huge amount of teams in Ireland, for various age categories. There are thousands of teams in the country, as there are many clubs and all clubs have a number of teams. The best players in each county get chosen to play for the county team. Again there are different age categories. Schools have teams. Colleges have teams. Universities have teams. Many companies and professional organisations have teams. Many players will play for several teams , like by playing for their club and for their county. Wherever there are Irish communities outside Ireland, you would also find Gaelic Football teams, so there are many in different parts of the world. All teams are amateur. No players get paid.

Where can you find the dimensions of a netball court?

The offical netball dimensions are15.250m x 30.5m

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Teams do not win the Heisman trophy; it's an individual award. You can, however, find a list of all the players who have won the award, along with the teams they were playing for at the time, on the Heisman trophy website.

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