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You can go just about anywhere: NBA games at arenas, high school games at various high schools, college games at various colleges, etc.

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Q: Where do you go to watch basketball games?
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Where can you watch middle school basketball games?

at st thomas middle school go there if you want bad sport games

Where to watch old college basketball games?

search on the Internet ( ) or go to a college and watch them playand if you cant make it to the game you can check out this guide to watch the games online in just 3 steps. (

What channel is Basketball games in Direct tv cable?

There is a few channels that air basketball games. It all depends on what basketball game you are wanting to watch.

Where can one find a basketball video to watch?

If you go to official websites for NBA and NCAA, they have a lot of basketball videos to watch. YouTube also have a lot of basketball videos to watch and there are plenty of them.

Do you watch basketball?

Yes I watch basketball

How many people go to a basketball game?

Around 20,000 for pro Basketball games

How can you watch the Olympics basketball games if you missed it on tv?

youtube record it on tv hulu netflix

Do ladies play professional basketball?

Yes they call it wnba. You can watch some of their games on ESPN.

Were can you watch free live basketball games? or just browse google.

What is the easiest way to watch the New Orleans Pelican basketball games while living outside the United States?

You will have to watch the games online or some special cable channel.

Where can one go to watch Cricket games?

There are many places where one can go to watch Cricket games. One can watch Cricket games at popular places such as the Bojangles Coliseum and the Cricket Arena.

Is there a good website for basketball games?

Yes there is go on or and at the top there's search and type in basketball games

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