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u dont sign up, u go to a college, and teams look and say "gee that guy is good, id like him to play 4 my team" so they offer u a salary

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how do you get into the nba draft

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You have to skeet skeet on kobe forest

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Q: Where do you go to sign up to get in the nba draft?
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Nba 2k10 how to get to draft combine?

In the draft combine which you must purchase is a game which follows NBA2k10. You must create a player on 2k10 and as you build him up you can buy the NBA draft combine and get him drafted to the NBA. There you can play with him as an NBA star.

Can you go to the NFL from navy midshipmen?

The NFL could draft you, but they would have to wait for you. But they couldn't sign you to a contract until you get out of the military. After the military service obligation is up, then you could play. The NBA had this issue as well.

How do you get the draft combine for NBA 2k10 for PS3?

first u go to game modes then you can either go to accosiation or season and when go down when you are setting up your season go down to fantasy draft and put it on serpentime

Is NBA 2k10 different from NBA 2k10 draft combine?

NBA 2K10 is the upcoming (as of Sept 09) video game from 2K sports, while NBA 2k10 Draft Combine is a mini game released to hype the 2K10 full game. NBA Draft Combine 2K10 Features: Enhance your NBA 2K10 experience with this exclusive game from 2K Sports that allows you to create your own custom NBA player and live the life of an NBA hopeful going through the real NBA Draft Combine in Chicago's Attack Gym. Improve your game through drills and Draft Combine scrimmages to increase your NBA draft stock; then pick up a copy of NBA 2K10 to find your created player waiting for you in the all-new My Player mode to experience the NBA Draft and begin your path to NBA stardom.

What is the biggest mistake in NBA draft history?

the hornets gave up kobe

Did Tiger Woods sign up for the draft?

No he didn't.

Can you try out for the NBA?

There are 2 main ways to join the NBA. - Through the NBA Draft. - Throught Free Agency. The NBA draft is generally focused on younger newcomers that want to join the NBA. The age range is generally between 20 and 22. Players that wanna to participate in the draft "declare themselves" to it and enter a pool of all applicants. The managements of each NBA teams then scouts each potential players and on draft day, each teams chooses 2 players that will have a chance to join the squad. Generally, 90% of the NBA draft applicants come from Division I colleges/universities where they have previously played up to 4 years in school teams. Free angency is a simpler process. The aspiring players generally contact the NBA teams directly (or through his agent) and arange a try-out, which is essentially a "basketball interview". If the NBA team is interested, they will make an offer and sign the player.

Do have to register for the draft when you are 18?

You must sign up for the draft when you reach the age of 18. If you fail to sign up past the six months since you turned 18 you WILL be fined up to $250,000. The law says if you fail to sign up for the draft its called running from Civic Duties and you can get arrested and fined.

Do girls have to sign up for the military draft at 18 years of age?

No, women are not required to register for the draft.

What is that sign nba players throw up after they shoot a three pointer?

The A'OK sign. or the Three Goggles.

Are illegal immigrants required to sign up for the draft?

No, in fact if they did, they'd be caught and deported.

How do you put your NBA 2k10 draft combine player to my player mode on NBA 2k10?

You shouldn't do it anyway because you start off better in my player mode without draft combine. My guy is a 99 overall in the begining of his 2nd season. So you should just play without the draft combine and you will end up like me.