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you go down the right (which is mine, I'm a right hander) then find the vain.

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Q: Where do you get the rope from on the cordelia quest on secret builders?
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How do you get the rope on Secret Buliders?

To get the rope on Secret Builders is fairly simple. You need to use your mouse, and click on the vines by the tree. This will help you on the Cordelia quest.

Cordelia quest on secret builders what do you use for rope to get the king out of the well?

It is one of the vines but im not sure what one?

On the Cordelia quest on secretbuilders what do you use for rope to get the king out of the well?

there is a rope near the vine onn the tree

Where do you get a rope on Cordelia quest?

When you go down searching for it turn to the left side.Then you will find alot of vines but not any vine you can use between the vines almost the the left side you will find a small part of the rope which has the colour of trees wood so you might not notice try to click around the vines and you will get it!

Are there secret levels in you have to burn the rope?


What gifts did Mr. Craven give Mary in The Secret Garden?

Mr. Craven gave Mary a skipping rope and a jump rope as gifts in The Secret Garden.

How do you get the rope club penguin secret fur?

just try

Where is the rope for gs secret mission?

It is to the left of the survival guide.

What did the mound builders contribute to pottery?

I think they might have done rope pottery? I might be confusing that with my Japanese history...

How do you dislodge the sewer drain for a quest in runescape?

use a rope on it and talk to that guy with you in the sewer

Where is the rope in secret of the missing fur in club penguin?

It is on the boat in the lighthouse

How to do Indian rope trick?

i dont know .there is a secret i wont tell you