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Find it by going into the suberbin door (glass bowl) step on it near the 3 boxes and go through the door the last coin will be in that door

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Q: Where do you get the last coin on world 3 first castle?
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Where is the last star coin in world 6-mini castle ds?

there at the end of the level the is a high perch jump up there and there is the star coin but if u cant get up there push x and a repeatedly

How do you defeat the last castle in world 5?

to beat the world five castle, ground pound petey pirahna 3 times.

Where do you go on world 7 after the last castle?

Go to the doors ;)

How do you unlock new super Mario bros world 4 and 7?

First go to the world 3 last castle or world 6 last casltle if you are mini mario, then you beat bowser there is a little hole and it leads you to world 4 and 7.

How do you get the last star coin on w6-tower on new super Mario bros?

The way to get the last star coin on New Super Mario Bros W6Tower 1: first you have to become mini and then jump on a dry bones, and then do a wall kick. You will then land on a platform with a green tube. Go through it and then you will encounter a bunch of traps with spikes (first featured in W3 Castle). You jump (Please be careful!) and WHAMMO! you have the 3rd star coin! I hope you try it out!

How do you get to world 7 in Mario bros?

you have to complete the last castle on world 5 as mini Mario :) have fun !

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