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Pre Order from Game Stop or find it in the Dark Carnival

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Q: Where do you find the baseball bat on Left 4 Dead 2?
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What is the cheat code to unlock the baseball bat in left 4 dead 2?

On the Xbox 360 at least, you have to have a preordered version of the game to use the baseball bat. However, if you are playing online with someone who did preorder the game, you, too, will be able to use the baseball bat.

Is there a way besides preordering to get the baseballbat in left 4 dead 2?

ya just buy it i didint preorder it and i got the baseball bat

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What are the 8 melee weapons on left 4 dead 2?

Axe, Guitar, Crowbar, Katana, Frying Pan, Machete, Cricket Bat, Night Stick, and Chainsaw. Extras: Baseball Bat, and Golf Club.

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What melee weapons are in Left 4 Dead 2?

No there isn't any melee weapons on left for dead 1. No much good having one either.

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