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Copper is important to Canada because of what it's used for, it is used on many things, buildings, vehicles, and high technology matearials

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It is found up your but

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Q: Where do you find copper in Canada?
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Where was copper found in what country?

U.S., Canada

Canada produces the most copper iron or zinc?

Canada is not the most important producer of iron, zinc and copper but is between the most important producers in the world.

What does Copper Cliff mine?

The Copper Cliff Mine, near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, is a nickel mine.

Is a penny completely copper?

No. In Canada, they are 99.9% copper and 0.1% silver. I am not sure what it is in the USA so go to the mint.

What percentage of Canada's copper is produced by British Columbia?


What is harder to find stone or copper?

copper is stronger

Where can Copper be found in Canada?

Copper can be found in BC and Alberta

Where in Canada can iron nickel copper gold and diamonds be found?

Stratford Ontario, Canada : )

What has the author A F Killin written?

A. F. Killin has written: 'Survey of the copper mining industry in Canada, 1960' -- subject(s): Copper, Copper mines and mining

How many copper mining companies are there in Canada?

the types of mining companies that are combustuous to Canada's atmosphere include the following ; chicken wong, sansquanch, and bolerian mining.

What mineral resources are found in Manitoba Canada?

zinc nickel and copper

What are 3 products Canada trades with and 3 products that Canada trades for?

Canada exports sugar, zinc, and various metals. Canada imports copper, gold, and nuclear fuel.