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The Westin Hotel

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Q: Where do visiting NHL teams stay in Edmonton?
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Where do visiting nhl teams stay when playing the Red wings?

in a hotel

What is Alberta's NHL team called?

Alberta has two NHL teams: The Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames.

Where do visiting nhl teams stay when they play the Wild?

it depends on the team. in a hotel somewhere. most likely at one in or around the st.paul area

What NHL teams have the highest lifetime winning percentage?

edmonton oilers

Where do visiting NHL teams stay when they play the Canes?

I am in the hotel industry in an NHL city and can tell you that teams typically stay near the area they will be playing in, but it is up to the individual teams to decide which hotel to use. Thus, you cannot say with any certainty where a team will stay in an particular city.

What are the names of the Canadians NHL teams?

Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnepeg

Where do the visiting NHL teams stay while in Washington?

Most likely the Sheraton. All depends on the team.

What was the name of the Edmonton Oilers before they became an expansion team in the NHL?

Actually they were one of 12 teams to start in the World Hockey Association in 1972 as the Alberta Oilers. In 1973 they changed to Edmonton. The moved to the NHL in 1979.

What are the Oklahoma hockey teams?

There are no NHL teams in Oklahoma, but there is an AHL team called the Oklahoma City Barons. They are the minor league affiliate for the Edmonton Oilers.

What are some sport teams in Alberta?

Edmonton is home to two major league sports teams: Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League); Edmonton Oilers (National Hockey League). Other well-known Edmonton sports teams include the Edmonton Rush (National Lacrosse League), Edmonton Capitals (Golden Baseball League), Edmonton Energy (International Basketball League), Edmonton Oil Kings (Western Hockey League - Major Junior Hockey), Edmonton Drillers (Professional Arena Soccer League) and several amateur football teams.

Where do the nhl teams stay while in Washington?

The best western.

What NHL players have been captain of two NHL championship teams?

One. Mark Messier. Captained the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup.