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in the visitors dugout or if you mean like sleep than probably for like three game series than stay in local hotels

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Westin convention center

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Q: Where do visiting NFL teams stay in Pittsburgh?
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Where to visiting NFL teams stay in Philadelphia?


Where is the hotel nfl teams stay in when visiting dallas?


Where do visiting NFL teams stay when playing in Baltimore?

broncos hotel in baltimore

What hotel do the visiting NFL teams stay at when in Indianapolis?

The Houston Texans stayed in the Conrad week 16 of the 2011 season

What other teams are behind the Pittsburgh Steelers in super bowl wins?

All of the NFL teams are behind Pittsburgh.

Where do visiting NFL teams stay in Oakland?

The Marriott down the street from the stadium. I used to date a player and that's where we'd hang out sometime.

How many NFL teams in Pennsylvania?

There are two NFL teams representing Pennsylvania. You have the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Where do visiting NFL teams stay when playing the Patriots?

The Patriots training camp is held at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Ma. The players stay at their own homes during training camp.

What NFL teams will be visiting a bordering state to engage the competition?

wha nfl teams will be visting a bodering state to engage the competition

Where do visiting NHL teams stay when they play the Canes?

I am in the hotel industry in an NHL city and can tell you that teams typically stay near the area they will be playing in, but it is up to the individual teams to decide which hotel to use. Thus, you cannot say with any certainty where a team will stay in an particular city.

What NFL teams have come from Pennsylvania?

Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

What teams play in the NFL AFC North?

AFC North NFL teams: Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers