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the holiday inn

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Q: Where do visiting Major League Baseball teams stay in Milwaukee?
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Is Milwaukee Brewers the Wisconsin Major-League Baseball team?


What is a Milwaukee Brewer?

The Milwaukee Brewers are a major league baseball team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are so named because of Milwaukee's brewing industry.

What is Wisconsin's Major League baseball team?

Milwaukee has the Milwaukee Brewers team. However the Atlanta Braves used to be in Milwaukee.

Rollie Fingers pitched for which Major League Baseball team in 1981?

Milwaukee Brewers

What major league team baseball team is called the cheese heads?

The Milwaukee Brewers

Where did Hank Aaron play baseball?

During his major league career, he played for the Braves (in both Milwaukee and Atlanta) and the Milwaukee Brewers.

What was Wisconsins first baseball team?

If you mean Wisconsin's first Major League team, it was the Milwaukee Braves. who moved to Milwaukee from Boston in 1953.

What is the name of the baseball field in Wisconsin?

The Major League park in Wisconsin is Miller Park, located in Milwaukee.

What is the smallest city that supports a Major League Baseball team?

Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Brewers

In which three cities that the major league baseball team named the Atlanta Braves has played in?

Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.