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Home games are in Corvallis, Oregon.

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Q: Where do the Oregon State Beavers play football?
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What year did Oregon State first play football?

1893. Their first game was against Lewis and Clark in Corvallis and Oregon State won 62-0.

What are the requirements to be part of Oregon State Football team?

If someone wants to be part of the Oregon State football team then they have to be very good at football. They also must be generally of excellent fitness and be over 18 if they want to play for the senior team.

When Montana was at Notra Dame did they play agains Oregon State?

No ... Notre Dame and Oregon State have met twice in football, the 2001 Fiesta Bowl and 2004 Insight Bowl. Both games were won by Oregon State. Notre Dame did play Oregon in 1976, Montana's junior year, but he was out that season with a shoulder injury.

Has Oregon ever play Alabama in football?


Who is Jared Cunningham?

I monster basketball play for the Oregon State Beavers, one of the best basketball teams of all to watch one of his plays.

Did Henry Dygert play college football?

Yes Henry Dygert Played College Football. He played at Oregon State from 90-93. He was a kicker and wore #16

What year did the university of Tennessee play Oregon state in college football?

1977 and 1978. October 1, 1977 - Tennessee 41, Oregon State 10 September 23, 1978 - 13-13 tie

What is oregon's most popular sport to play?

i live in oregon so they play any sport really basketball,football,baseball,soccer,ultimate frisbee. u name it we probably play it

Where did dan fouts play college football?

University of Oregon.

What songs did Oregon state play at the 2012 rosebowl?

Oregon State wasn't at the 2012 Rosebowl, but Oregon University was.

Where did Norm van Brocklin play college football?

University of Oregon.

What four teams were in the first college football playoff?

The four teams in the 2014 playoff were Alabama Crimson Tide, Oregon Ducks, Florida State Seminoles and the Ohio State Buckeyes.No 1 Alabama will play No 4 Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, and No 2. Oregon will play No 3. Florida State in the Rose Bowl. The winners of each game will play each other in the championship game on January 12, 2015.Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State.