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They play in there new stadium Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. They moved in August.

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They are the Indianapolis Colts and they come from Indian

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Q: Where do the NFL colts play there home games?
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Where do the colts play in the NFL?


What sport do the Indy Colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play American football. They are part of the NFL.

What NFL team does hank baskett play for?

The Indianapolis Colts. what other nfl teams did Hank Baskett play for

How many years did Marvin harrison play in the nfl?

College at Syracuse and NFL with the Indianapolis Colts.

Where were the colts before Indianapolis?

The Colts (NFL team) play for Indianapolis, Indiana.

How many games have the NFL colts won in a row?

12 games in the 2009 season.

What year did the colts play browns in an NFL preseason doubleheader?


What NFL teams did Peyton Manning play for?

colts was his frist team

What NFL team won the most games since 1999?


Which NFL team has won the most games of the decade?

Indianapolis colts

Can a NFL team play the super bowl on there home field Dallas 2011 or Colts 2012 or is the an alternate site?

The Cowboys, Colt, and Saint CAN play on there home field in 2011, 2012, and 2013, respectively.

Which team has won the most NFL games since the year 2000?