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at the pool

in a place were people need to walk

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Q: Where do sport physiotherapists work?
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What are physical therapists called in Europe?

Here in the UK we usually call them physiotherapists.

Are the female Physiotherapists trustworthy as girlfriends?

* Don't get physiotherapists mixed up with low brow massage parlors. Physiotherapists have a degree in what they do and it's a job like any other job and there is no reason you should think they would untrustworthy.

What skills are required for physiotherapists?

physiotherapists need at least a DOUBLE AWARD in GCSE scienceAND also a A- LEVEL in DOUBLE SCIENCE and in PSYCHOLOGY

How many physiotherapists does Chelsea FC have?


Where can someone find registered Physiotherapists?

It depends on what country you are in. If you perform a simple web search with the word physiotherapists and the country or area that you are in you should be able to find what you are looking for.

How much do physiotherapists earn?

£250,000 under the nhs.

Can you become a veterinary physiotherapist without doing human physiotherapy first?

Yes, and actually most veterinary physiotherapists are not human physiotherapists. They are, however, veterinarians for the most part.

Are physiotherapists a doctors?

therapists are doctors, but they are of one certain medical field. Physiotherapists are different from Medical practitioners. They are experts in movement and function and help people overcome movement disorders.

Are physiotherapists titled doctors by Supreme court of India?

Yes they are.

What jobs are similar to chiropractic?

Osteopaths and physiotherapists both have similar work descriptions as chiropractors, but there are definitely also differences. They all use spinal manipulation, but chiropractors are the most well trained in this art. They all use exercise therapy/rehabilitation, but physiotherapists are the most well trained in this practice. They all approach the body holistically, but physiotherapists tend to do this the least. If you are dealing with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) in the US (different from an osteopath), they are medically trained and can also perform surgeries and write prescriptions.

Do physiotherapists use stethoscope?

A stethoscopes is an essential tool for all physiotherapists/doctors. This basic instrument helps them diagnose heart and breathing problems. It is most commonly used for measurement of blood pressure.