Where do soccer came from?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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i am really sure it came from England

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Q: Where do soccer came from?
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How did soccer get into the US?

soccer came into the united states by immigration. where ever soccer came from people from that area immigrated from there to the Americas and brought the custom of soccer with them.

What sport came first basketball or soccer?


When soccer first came to the US what was it called?


What came first baseball or soccer?

Soccer or games like it came first. In the Middle Ages they played games like soccer. Baseball was invented in the United States by Abner Doubleday in 1860.

Where was soccer boern?

It came from somewhere from MEXICO

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

Which sport is better soccer or football?

soccer cause it can keep you healthy it is not too big of a challenge and football came from soccer ---- what he said.

Who won the french soccer chiampionship in 2009?

Bordeaux won the French soccer championship 2008/2009 ; Marseille came second and Lyon came third.

When did soccer come to New Zealand?

it came in 1854

What game came first rugby or football?


Who came up with soccer?

well soccer was invented in China but England later on played it and took credit for it.

Who are the soccer champions of Europe?

The Portuguese are the soccer champions of Europe, for Soccer. Although they came 2nd in the 2004 world cup, their overall results for their soccer history is outstanding. GO PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!