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Q: Where do pro golfers get painters hats?
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Why wear a golf cap?

Golfers wear hats as it keeps the sun off their face and can help keep the sun out of their eyes. Professional golfers wear hats because their sponsors can have some more advertising space.

What is Pro golfers DA Points Initials stand for?

Darren Andrew

Why do PGA tour golfers wear sunglasses on the back of the golfers caps?

The reason you will see PGA Tour golfers wearing sunglasses on the back of their hats is because if they wore them on the front it would block their main sponsor, which is usually on the front of their hat.

What percent of pro golfers use titleist golf balls?

65% or so

Who are pro golfers with a z in their last name?

Fuzzy Zoeller Paul Azinger

Do any pro golfers use Taylor made rocket ballz?


How many women pro golfers are there?

There are thousands upon thousands of professional women golfers. There are numerous tours, such as the LET and LPGA. In Asia womens golf is massive.

What hats do Italians wear?

Italians don't wear any special type of hat that's different from anywhere else in Europe or America.

Do pro football players have to wear hats on the sideline?


Does College Pro Painters only hire college students or are their positions open to anyone?

I am a college student looking for a summer job. Does College Pro Painters only hire college students or are their positions open to anyone?

Why don't men pro golfers wear shorts?

Simply because on Tour, they are not allowed to. Amateurs can though.

Do most golfers where caps would that make a nice gift?

Yes golfers do wear hats to help keep the sweat, and sun from their eyes. A nice brimmed hat would make a very good gift for any golfer on your list.