Where do people ski in Germany?

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you ski in the mountains

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Q: Where do people ski in Germany?
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Do people ski in Germany?

Yes. Germany is one of the best skiing nations in the world, especially in cross-country and biathlon.

What state made the first ski tow?

The first ski lift was built in Schwarzwald in Germany.

Why do people go to the alps to ski?

people go to the alps to ski because they like to ski

Where are the many kinds of ski doo useful?

The use of the ski doo is seen if you ski for the use as snowmobile. They have quick access if people use it with people that ski & they can keep up with people they ski with.

Where was the world's first ski lift?

In Schwarzwald in Germany.

When was the ski lift invented?

The first purpose built ski lift was built in 1908 in Schwarzwald in Germany.

Why do they call a ski hill a ski hill?

because more people ski

Can you snowboard in Germany?

Yeah! There are loads of places to snowboard in Germany Only one or two ski resorts don't snowboard as well as ski but otherwise they all do both. Just check out a website of a German ski resort they'll say. If you are deciding to snowboard in Germany you'll need loads of cash because Germany is really expensive!!

Why are indoor ski resorts built?

So that people can ski inside when there is no opportunity for them to ski outside.

One area in Germany you can skii?

Probably the most famous ski resort in Germany is Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Why people can you ski on snow?

Skiing is a winter sport. Yes, people can ski on snow using skis.

Do Japanese people ski in their spare time?

Yes, there are ski resorts in japan.

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