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At a Martial Arts school. Japanese martial arts are taught in a dojo.

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Q: Where do people learn martial arts?
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Related questions

How long would it take for a person to learn martial arts?

To learn one martial art is impossible. Learning in martial arts does not end.

Why do Asian people study martial arts?

The same reason everyone else studies martial arts. To learn the skills necessary to fight in combat.

How does one learn martial arts?

One learns martial arts by one going to lessons...

What martial arts must one learn to become a martial arts master?

You become a martial arts master by studying a single martial art for many years. It is not something that is easy.

Do you have to be muscular to learn martial arts?

Of course not. Martial atrs is about skill, not strength

When did Taylor Lauthner learn martial arts?


Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 27 years?

It is possible to learn martial arts at any age. Some of the best martial artists I know didn't start until they were in their 40's!

What is martial arts really about?

Learning ways to kill people then not doin it.

Why do Chinese people do martial arts?

Only some of them do martial arts. It is a combination of history, tradition and an interest in the martial arts and the ability to be healthy.

Where can one learn how to do a headscissor KO?

One can learn to do a headscissor KO from any certified martial arts instructor, or a skilled mixed martial arts instructor. Also, one can learn from the internet.

How can you learn self-defense?

By going and learning martial arts.

How can I be likeToad from xmen the movie?

Learn martial arts, maybe?

Why did martial arts bring people's attention?

Martial Arts is the ability of self defense and being able to control your body and mind. Martial Arts usually pull in people who want to learn self defense for any reason such as being bullied our having a genuine affection for fighting such as my self.

How do you learn extreme martial arts?

You have to level up belt by belt. The last is black belt. That's when you learn extreme Martial arts. I cant tell you how to do that. Years of training.

When do Chinese children start martial arts training?

Only few will learn martial arts. the rest will never start! In some cases there are martial arts that are taught in schools, starting in the early grades.

How do you start if you want to learn extreme martial arts?

The first step would be to learn a martial art. Then you can take it to the next level.

Is it possible to learn a type of martial arts online?

It is possible to learn martial skills online. It is very difficult to practice them safely and to learn the patience and philosophy that makes it a martial art online.

Why do you need to study martial arts?

There are several reasons why people take martial arts. Some people use it to calm themselves or train themselves, others learn it for self defense. It is in no way necessary,but something many people find helpful.

Why do people use martial arts?

Martial arts are the skills to conduct warfare and combat. As long has mankind has been involved in conflict, the martial arts have been used.

What made people invent martial arts?

The conflict between people lead to the development of martial arts. They were designed for use in combat.

Where is the Cobra Martial Arts in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The Cobra Martial Arts dojo is located in San Fierro, the city to the far left of the map. The dojo is marked as the gym, and is the only way to learn martial arts.

How do you say martial arts in Korean?

Martial Arts

Does Selena Gomez do martial arts?

No, she does not do martial arts.

Did greek people like martial arts?

They were very fond of martial arts. Wrestling was greatly appreciated and included in the Olympics.

How was martial arts first used?

Martial arts were first used how they were intended, for self-defense. For example Shaolin Monks were attacked while picking berries and doing other daily chores. In this case they had to learn to fight back or die. However people have strayed from using martial arts for a just kill.